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Purport, the actual expression, is the rest that remains, after all redundant, additionally explaining  or decorating information are eliminated. This actual content is always subjectively created. As a result, the original intention of the sender can differ strongly from the interpretation of the receiver.

The analysis of the purport and the additionally needed knowledge, in order to understand the content,  determines on the effectiveness and thus the quality of an expression. In this case it is presumed that the reader understands ‘instrument’, ‘surgery’ ‘dissection’ in such a way, that this results in ‚small,  sharp, medical knife’.

„Scalpel – an instrument used in surgery and dissection  "
ÄPurport of this sentence is
„scalpel - small, sharp, medical Knife"

In the context of meaning design, by comparing target- group-oriented formulation with the purport,  the quality of the expression becomes repeatedly questioned. The core question is: What is this all about?


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©memecon 2011-2018
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