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Doing in the broadest sense is the scope of the business engineering. Business-related aspects are  created practically, implemented and used the first time. Here cause/effect relations are described in a system model, which links the substantial influence factors and indicators with one another. In the business model, the actual business purpose is  defined, e.g. deliverable concept, earning model, value-creation elements. In process maps and detailed process descriptions, business processes are documented. With business process management, the documented corporate processes are coordinated and supervised.  In parallel, the organization with its role descriptions (inclusive task, authority, responsibility) is specified and assigned. The running business uses standardized project management. Doing is traditionally the area, within which consulting measures  can be found.

Meaning design ensures in this phase that the right thing is done correctly. The meaning for the corporation,  the area or the individual job should be understood this way. An important condition is the consistent use of the past steps of meaning design. Thus, management has the chance to make person concerned to participants. The various documentations are concisely  developed according to the quality criteria of meaning design, target-group-oriented and transparent. Doing is the section of practice, where concepts are introduced for the first time. Thus the foundation for the next phase is generated - Ability.


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©memecon 2011-2018
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